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iMobility is a solution to simplify the work of external collaborators.

iMobility consists of 4 iPad modules and a web interface for document management.

These 4 modules are iMap, iDoc, iSign and iPay.

The iMobility interface on iPad can be personalized and contains links to other company specific applications.



The iMap module is an interactive geographical map.

This module offers the possibility to list information based upon search criteria such as:

The reproduction of customers which are within a radius of x km compared to where I am situated.

The reproduction of customers which correspond with certain criteria and who are within a radius of x km compared to where I am situated.

By clicking on the point reproduced by iMap, the user has access to the information regarding this point.

iMap offers the possibility to report, thus the user can send on data to the server.



The iDoc module is an advanced management system for documents.

This module offers the responsible person the possibility to place at the collaborators’ disposal an entirety of documents (via the web interface) which are needed for the execution of their tasks.

Each user can have the entirety of the documents at his disposal, always up-to-date and wherever he is located.

If he has a network connection (WiFi or 3G), the documents are updated in real time.

With iDoc, it is possible for the user to see the documents, to search (full text search), to adapt and to distribute (per mail, printing), and this online as well as offline.



The iSign module offers the advanced possibility to sign documents electronically with a handwritten signature.

The external collaborator can in this way have his documents completed and signed via his iPad in a legal and safe manner.

iSign is fully compatible with PDF-documents.

Once the document is signed, it has become inviolable.



The iPay module offers the possibility to receive payments via iPad.

The external collaborator can collect payments via his iPad by means of several instruments of payment.

Bancontact, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, ing Banking, Belfius Banking, PayPal …

iPad uses the secured payment system of the company Ogone.



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